Advance Care Planning in Campbell River

Do you or your group need assistance developing an advance care plan?

Making decisions to withhold or stop medical treatment for a loved one at any age is hard to imagine for us, let alone prepare for. However, following the wishes of our friends and family members can be comforting.

Making an advance care plan is a gift to your loved ones. If they are ever in a position to speak on your behalf, they will know what to say as you have made your wishes known and your voice heard through your own advance care plan.

We can help you go through the process of preparing a plan and recording what your wishes are.

Our advance care planning team offers the following assistance:

  1. Each are two hour workshops for 10 to 12 participants –
    Session 1 - An introduction to Advance Care Planning using the guide “My Voice” and a power-point presentation. Understanding the guide, exploring options and identifying next steps in moving forward. This session will also assist you in how to begin this conversation with loved ones and develop an advance care plan.
    Session 2 - This will be a follow-up to go over the ACP paperwork completed so far and provide assistance or answer any questions participants may have as a result.
  2. Individual assistance is also available on request.

If you or your group is interested in booking a speaker or hosting a presentation on advance care planning, please contact the Campbell River Hospice Society at 250-286-1121.

For advance care planning events in our community, please click here.

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