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Thinking about our death and discussing it with loved ones do not come easily for many people in our society, especially when we are young and healthy. However, with life comes the inevitability of death. Advance care planning is for people of all ages, not just the sick or elderly. We can face life-threatening injury or sudden illness at any stage of our lives.

Giving those closest to us a clearer sense of what we want when we are dying, is an invaluable gift that we can provide. By exploring our beliefs, values, and wishes across the lifespan, we can discuss what our care wishes would be if we were ever in a situation when we were not able to communicate them ourselves.

As part of the advance care planning initiative, the Pacific Rim Hospice Society is offering support to individuals, families, and groups in a number of ways. Trained volunteers are available to present concepts and other important information about advance care planning to community groups.

If your group is interested in booking a speaker and hosting a presentation on advance care planning, please contact the Pacific Rim Hospice Society at 250-725-1240.


Would you or your group like help developing an advance care plan?

Making decisions to withhold or stop medical treatment for a loved one at any age is hard to imagine for most of us, let alone prepare for. However, following the wishes of our friends and family members can be comforting.

If we have had a conversation about what "good quality of life" means to our loved ones and what medical treatments they would or would not want, then we will be better able to make decisions for them if ever called upon to do so.

Making an advance care plan is a gift to your loved ones. If they are ever in a position to speak on your behalf they will know what to say as you have made your wishes known and your voice heard through your advance care plan.

We can help you go through the process of preparing a plan and recording what your wishes are.

Our advance care planning team offers the following workshops:

  1. One 2-hour workshop - An introduction to advance care planning options and identifying next steps in moving forward.
  2. Additional workshops to help you not only begin the conversation, but also to develop an advance care plan. Sessions will cover the following:
  • Exploring one's beliefs, values, and wishes, and making them known.
  • Preparing your personal advance care plan.

Individual assistance is also available upon request.

Requests for workshops or assistance can be made by contacting the Pacific Rim Hospice Society at 250-725-1240.

For advance care planning events in our community, please click here.


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